About Stuttgart Cricket Verein e.V.

  • Stuttgart Cricket Verein's (SCV) biggest triumphs so far have been being German Cricket Runners-up in 2019, winning the Bundesliga South West Championship 4 times (2015, 2016, 2018, 2019) and reaching the semi-finals of the German Championship in 2015 and 2018. Furthermore, in 2020 we succeeded in participating in the German semi-finals of the DCB T20 Cup in Berlin for the first time. Achievements

    Since the foundation of the club in 2011, we strive to inspire people in the Stuttgart region with the fascination of professional hardball cricket.

    With the teams "SCV" and "SCV Blue" we are represented twice in the German Men's League: SCV plays in the 50 overs Bundesliga, SCV Blue in the Verbandsliga. We take part in the DCB T20 Championship with the teams "Riders" and "Legends", and since 2021 in the BWCV Indoor League with the "Royals" and the "All Stars". The Teams

    In 2019, several SCV ladies participated in the Women's Bundesliga:
    together with the ladies from TV Käfertal we formed "BW United". Our ladies took part anew in the 2021 Winter League and are be part of BW United again from 2022.

    In 2020, our youth team made its first appearances, first with tapeball, then with hardball cricket, and in 2021 we finally had so many youth members that we formed 2 groups: our youngest are now the "Tiger" and the advanced appear as the "Adler". The foundation of our internal youth organization YoungSCV in the same year has further strengthened our youth department. In 2022, the Adler were named "SCV Team of the Year" by us due to their numerous championship titles
    As we aim to promote cricket in Germany, we are also involved in other youth projects, for example by organising school events,try-out days and youth tournaments. Youth Cricket

    Men's and youth training takes place again on our interim ground in Scharnhausen, as our home ground in Esslingen Mettingen is once more under construction. Our little Tigers and most of the women train in Stuttgart Weilimdorf.
    In winter we offer indoor training in Stuttgart. Training

    Last but not least, in 2016 we decided to launch a tapeball tournament, which is intended
    to offer cricket enthusiasts who are not organised in clubs a forum for an exciting day of competition. In 2020, we expanded this format to include the youth. Our last project in this context was the international "Southside Tournament" in February 2023. SCV Cup

    In June 2022 we we were approved by WLSB as one of about 40 "Stützpunktvereine" in the region of Württemberg.

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